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Home Receiver   Antenna Transmitter


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Quality FM Transmitter

This FM transmitter for your stereo or any other amplifier







Medium Power FM Transmitter

The range of this FM transmitter is around 100 m




Wireless Audio Transmitter

Sitting peacefully under a tree at the bottom of your garden




Travel water heater

Like traveling use this for hot water needed




Mosquito Repeller

Annoyed by mosquito, try this circuit





Energy Saving Tips

How to saving energy




Data Transmitter LNB

Command trough coax cables




Bell Alarm

Bell alarm for home or other




Simple and Powerful DC to AC conterver

Less than 12 component



Basic FM Transmitter



Super Simple NiCd/NiMH Charger

Build your super simple charger




More circuit

Inductance Calculations  


Is high Voltage or Current cause  get shock ?

Universal Ding Dong

10V to 12V LED Voltmeter Bargraph Metering

Green USB Switch

Smooth Flasher

Bell Alarm

Breadboard Project Protector

LED Lighting For Your CAR

Ballast For Energy-Saving Lamps

White Noise Generator-Sound Check

Put That Light Out

Store It Quickly !

Automatic Aquarium Feeder

Freeze Door Alarm



Medium-Power FM Transmitter

Quality FM Transmitter

4 Watt FM Transmitter with direction complete


Audio circuit

Balanced microphone preamplifier

Audio Power Amplifier

100 Watt Single Chip Amplifier


Power Supplay-Charger

Computer Controlled Power Supply

Adjustable  1.2V to 37 V  1.5A Supply

A few Simple Power Supplies

Very Simple Powerful DC to AC converter

Solar Cell Voltage Regulator

Battery Booster

200-mA/Hour, 12-V NICAD Battery Charger

Fast Charger for NICAD Batteries

NICAD Charger

12V Fan Directly on 230V

Super Simple NiCd/NiMH Charger

Mini Voltage Generator

Dual Mode Charger



Litle Notes







1. Electric shock can only occur when contact is made between two points of a circuit; when

voltage is applied across a victim's body.

2. Power circuits usually have a designated point that is "grounded:" firmly connected to metal rods or plates buried in the dirt to ensure that one side of the circuit is always at ground potential (zero voltage between that point and earth ground).

3. A ground fault is an accidental connection between a circuit conductor and the earth (ground).

4. Special, insulated shoes and mats are made to protect persons from shock via ground conduction, but even these pieces of gear must be in clean, dry condition to be effective. Normal footwear is not good enough to provide protection from shock by insulating its wearer from the earth

 Other Circuit

  Delay Timer

  LED and Lamp Flasher and Metronome

  Clapp Oscillator

  Simple Light Meter

  Light Sensitive Voltage Divider

  Light Activated Relay

  Pressure Pad-Step On It

  Simple Siren

  Single-transistor timing circuit 

  Missing Pulse Detector

  Electronics stethoscope

  USB to RS 232 cable

  Scarecrow Animal Deterrent  

  Mains on Delay Circuit

  Missing Pulse Detector 555

  Video Isolator

  Discrete PWM Generator

  Simple One-wire Touch Detector


  Project at July '09

  Automatic Emergency Lighting Unit

  Signal Powered Dynamic Compressor

  Stereo Noise Filter

  Car Battery Monitor

  Simple CMOS Squarewave generator

  Simple LS TTL Square wave generator

  Super Simple Touch Switch

  Electronic Gong

  Zero Crossing Detector

  Voltage Mirror



Bonus Download

 Units Converter







 The Secret





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